Advance Africa Jobs| A Big Loss|up to 95% of graduates unattainable expectations!

Advance Africa Jobs| A Big Loss|up to 95% of graduates unattainable expectations!

4th UmojaAA Discussion Paper: Advanced Jobs, Creating brilliant minds and Ideas, New Entrepreneurs |Umoja Auctions and Ads ‘UmojaAA’

Abstract: Advance Africa Jobs overview

based on data from an African Economic Outlook survey of experts in 36 countries, suggests that although graduation rates are broadly similar to those in other parts of the world (with the exception of engineering fields), the degrees awarded do not necessarily align with promising career paths such as telecommunications, engineering, agriculture, IT, health, banking and education. A lack of Africa entrepreneurs, internships and other opportunities are appearing. This reflects both poor guidance from universities and deficient strategic steering through national policies. the data below is a study from African Economic outlook (2012) promoting Youth Employment.

Africa jobs

Many experts believe both national governments and higher education institutions are responsible for providing effective and appropriate degree programmes that reduce the skills mismatch, make young academics better-fitted to employment in the private sector and foster innovative and entrepreneurial skills. [16] Chasing the political goal of expanded higher education has created a situation where ‘quality’ has not thrived. In efforts to expand enrollment, more students have been admitted into degree programmes designed for much smaller groups.

African Jobs trajectory

The data is Sourced from African Economic outlook (2012) promoting Youth Employment.

Advance Africa Jobs: East Africa Jobs, Africa entrepreneur & creating opportunities | key topics:

  1. Roles and responsibilities of Governments and education institutions
  2. A change to the mindset of our young graduates
  3. how to put yourself out there in African job market
  4. selling Ideas and meeting the right people

1. Roles and responsibilities of Governments and education institutions

internships in SA
policymakers and institutions of Education.

policymakers are very interested in numbers of people who enroll into education systems in African countries. As results, we see much of quantity rather than quality in our graduate candidates. it is also clear that the gap of matching jobs to right candidates is getting wider every year. We have a large number of young Africans who go abroad to study and do not come back to work for Africa or start businesses in Africa.

It is some of the reasons there is a large mismatch of jobs available and the jobseekers. We actually have analyzed the number of African Medical Doctors in western Countries are more of those in the whole of Africa combine. governments in majority of Africa Countries have not exactly put in place critical infrastructures and systems for start ups.

To enhance Jobs in Africa, there must be: security for investments, reduce corruptions, subsidies for local products, create international markets for the advance Africa Jobs, Tourism promotions, regular updates and new research in each field at universities, internships, government grants and more.

Some of the Promising signs already insight |creating Africa entrepreneurs

Use consulates and official government meetings to to promote Africa products. For example East Africa is working towards these goals. Tanzania has moved from low income earner to medium economy. The president has put in place systems and infrastructures to attract tourists, investors and educated individuals abroad are happy to come back resulting in East Africa Jobs.

UmojaAA| Africa business startups and Africa Jobs hunting.

Umoja Auctions & Ads (UmojaAA) is here to change how business is done. Startups, universities, governments and individual members of the society must build a network. each member is important to another to achieve the goals. we UmojaAA makes that reach and building that connection happening.

2. A change to the mindset of our young graduates

It is possible to tell young students that, not every graduate is going to get employed by the government. Actually is good thing to start thinking out of the box. few things to consider after leaving university: start a business in expertise, learn a trade skill, start modern farming and start a service based business such as tourism and be an inspiring and brilliant Africa entrepreneur.

Education institutions do not keep up with what is happening in the world. While some school do not have access to updated materials, others are busy take on the opportunities technology, and globalization is presenting to us. For example, an online Africa business do not need a big startup capital like it would have been few years ego. This is the real advance Africa Jobs. Learn few ideas and how to start!

All that young entrepreneurs need is an idea and a will to start to get the wheel rolling. Like any good thing, it does not come without putting in some work. So join the rest entrepreneurs around the world and start.

UmojaAA can get Young entrepreneurs where they need to be very fast!

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3. how to put yourself out there in African job market

It is Simple. Technology has done something remarkable that get every business or individual get out there in seconds. All that you have to do is create your UmojaAA account. It takes on average 3 or less minutes.

After creating an An UmojaAA Account, you are ready to start posting anything across numerous categories. Post an Ad at UmojaAA is very easy. It actually takes on average no more than 10 minutes. As soon as you press submit my Ad button, it is live. Then you can check on number of people viewing it other your Account. You can submit as many ads as you like all for free.

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Advance Africa Jobs, Internships and other Africa entrepreneurs’ Dreams will be released!

More benefits of being a user at UmojaAA platform.

If you want to search things, you can easily do that. Reach people across the continent of Africa. We like to protect our users and ensure the community of UmojaAA is protect against Cyber attacks and bullying. So we require that only Members can be able to see and communicate with Phone numbers. There are many advantages of being a member you can receive regular postings updates. You can also set some criteria about your business of interests to receive weekly newsletters.

4. selling Ideas and meeting the right people to secure internships, East Africa Jobs or finding important people for your entrepreneurship adventure!

Africa needs more young Entrepreneurs more than ever. Demand for businesses in different sectors is on the rise. The idea that everyone will have a government job is outdated because governments do not have as many jobs as the number of young people graduating each year. Technology has made it possible. Anyone can start a business from anywhere in the world. UmojaAA encourages more young people to start businesses in any sector they feel comfortable in.

Advance Africa Jobs
Modern Farming in Africa

Africa has as of 2020, a population of 1,342,957,682 (1.3 Billion) and counting (source). Food is a critical ingredient that Africa is urgently falling short of. This is because most African young people do not understand the power of farming sector. They think that is still a non-educated and old people profession. But actually today to most successful businesses in Africa are all associated with Livestock and agribusinesses. This is a mindset that needs to go: We encourage teachers, governments and other agencies to educate people on this issue.

Advance Africa Jobs are created by us all.

We, must work together to keep the wheel rolling. Governments, Institutions of Education, Private sector we all have a part to play in Africa. UmojaAA is here to make this collaboration and networking people. We must not leave anyone behind. It only work when we lift each other up. Your advertisement, your networking when it comes to finding advance Africa jobs, creating your own business and providing services or jobs to the community UmojaAA will be there to make it happen.

Key Topics in this Article: Advance Africa jobs, Intternships, East Africa Job and Africa Entrepreneur!


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