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What is UmojaAA?


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A Single Market Platform For all Africans: We connect sellers and Buyers under one roof.

The Umoja Auctions and Ads (UmojaAA) is digital platform where everything is valued accordingly. UmojaAA allows Africa business listing,  Ads post for both companies and individuals. Africa is gradually releasing her capability and technology is adopted rapidly by all people individually as well as businesses. UmojaAA aims to provide a one marketplace where Buyers meet Sellers.

UmojaAA is ready to help every local business in Africa get a spot to list among many others at UmojaAA. We have made UmojaAA a free business listing for a specific reason. We want to see customers and business both trading in manner that is so simple.

Facts and Aspiration

Africa free Business Directory

Facts to know about Africa and how one word is a key Umoja is a Swahili powerful word means Unity in English. Africa has 1.3 billion people as of 2020. UmojaAA  goal is to welcome Millennials who makes about 30 percent, and 19 percent extra of adults. This magic number is 49 percent of 1.3 Billion who are over 18 years old. The limit of benefits to all users of the platform is the sky.

UmojaAA Community Capabilities

Africa free Business Directory

UmojaAA  is built with fast processing tools to handle hundreds of new listings expected daily in categories like Home & Garden, Baby & Children, Sport & Fitness, Clothing & Jewellery, real estates and UmojaAA jobs plus more. It is our belief that Technology is changing the world faster and beyond anyone’s Imagination. UmojaAA uses technology to find solution that has been setting back African Trade for centuries. Best experience comes from fast processing tools, quality of products offered here on the platform. The Data is stored with DNS Sydney Australia. One of world’s advanced in security and speed Data farm storage. Using this one market community place, we assure you that the confident we have will yours too.


UmojaAA Goals

African free business DirectoryFacilitating the successful, safe local trade is UmojaAA‘s main priority and our ambition is to continue to grow a community marketplace where all Africans can prosper.

UmojaAA is the solution African commerce has lacked for many years. Our goal to make everything easy to sell, to find, to swap, and to buy. In this manner with a help of technology, all resources are used to the fullest to maximize the output on everything. We are committed to working hard so that you don’t have to. UmojaAA will work tirelessly to continue to improve on adapting to fast change in technology. We want to continue saving the leg work for members and enjoy everything in one place Here

UmojaAA Vision

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One place, sellers and buyers meet, everything available at your

fingertips; that is easy, smart and profitable way of doing business. With Technology at our disposal, UmojaAA community will grow abundantly. UmojaAA Vision is to continue building, finding new ways of doing a community based trade and facilitate a smooth interaction of over 700 million members on UmojaAA platform.

The Community: You at UmojaAA
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The Community where we grow together. Towards one another ? Respect, Integrity, Help, caring, support and Protect is all we are about as a community.

With a Help of Technology: UmojaAA becomes a community where everyone plays a role. Our network connection goes beyond the surface and this is is how everyone play part. sellers offer what they have to UmojaAA community. Buyers post what they want to buy and mark it ‘wanted’. In our midst, some are only visitors who are also very welcome to have an account and say ‘hi’ UmojaAA work along side with the regulations to regulate the activities in this interconnected community.

Just like in a normal society, we all should obey, be guided and be protected by the Law. It is therefore that even here we all: UmojaAA representatives, buyers sellers in visitors we interact as Laws obliges. It is also for this reason that on our shared platform, If you see inappropriate behavior , you are urged to report it by contacting UmojaAA. or simply click on report ad icon that is attached to every post.

Also as a community, each member is also encouraged to comment his/her best experience on in this community. sellers and buyers are will thank you for spreding the word around Africa. Share, and give ratings which help UmojaAA reward each member of the community accordingly.

The Motto: The Community where we grow together. Towards one another ? Respect, Integrity, Help, caring, support and Protect is all we are about as a community.

Thanks and if you haven’t set up a user account yet, do so become a member of this UmojaAA vibrant community and start trading Here.