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Advance Africa Jobs
Advance Africa Jobs
UmojaAA Africa business directory
UmojaAA Africa business directory
Country: Algeria
Capital: Algiers
Total Area (sq km): 2.38 Million
Provinces: 48
Major Cities: 5
Population: 44.01 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 573 Billion (2019)
Business City: Algiers
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: Angola
Capital: Luanda
Total Area (sq km): 1.247 Million
Provinces: 18
Major Cities: 6
Population: 33 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 159 Billion (2019)
Business City: Luanda
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: Burkina Faso
Capital: Ouagadougou
Total Area (sq km): 274,200
Regions: 13
Major Cities: 2
Population: 20.9 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 36 Billion (2019)
Business City: Ouagadougou
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Burkina Faso
Country: Burundi
Capital: Gitega
Total Area (sq km): 27,834
Provinces: 18
Major Cities: 3
Population: 11.9 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 8 Billion (2019)
Business City: Bujumbura
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: Cameroon
Capital: Yaoundé
Total Area (sq km): 475,442
Departments: 58
Major Cities: 2
Population: 26.7 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 77 Billion (2019)
Business City: Douala
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: Comoros Islands
Capital: Moroni
Total Area (sq km): 1,861
Prefectures: 18
Major Cities: 3
Population: 873,797 (2020)
GDP: USD 1 Billion (2019)
Business City: Moroni
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: Cape Verde
Capital: Praia
Total Area (sq km): 4,033
Islands: 9
Major Cities: 2
Population: 543,767 (2018)
GDP: USD 3 Billion (2019)
Business City: Praia
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Cape Verde
Country: Central African Republic
Capital: Bangui
Total Area (sq km): 622,984
Prefectures: 17
Major Cities: 2
Population: 4.85 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 3 Billion (2019)
Business City: Bangui
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Central African Republic
Country: Chad
Capital: Ndjamena
Total Area (sq km): 1.284 Million
Regions: 23
Major Cities: 10
Population: 16.53 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 26 Billion (2019)
Business City: Ndjamena
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: DRC
Capital: Kinshasa
Total Area (sq km): 2.345 Million
Provinces: 26
Major Cities: 5
Population: 5.55 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 66 Billion (2019)
Business City: Kinshasa
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: Djibouti
Capital: Djibouti
Total Area (sq km): 23,200
Regions: 6
Major Cities: 1
Population: 991,224 (2020)
GDP: USD 4 Billion (2019)
Business City: Djibouti
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: Egypt
Capital: (القاهرة) Cairo
Total Area (sq km): 1.01 Million
Prefectures: 28
Major Cities: 9
Population: 102.77 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 1.153 Trillion (2019)
Business City: Cairo
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: Equatorial Guinea
Capital: Malabo
Total Area (sq km): 28,050
Regions: 7
Major Cities: 2
Population: 1.41 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 22 Billion (2019)
Business City: Bata
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Equatorial Guinea
Country: Ethiopia
Capital: Adis Abeba
Total Area (sq km): 1,104 Million
Regions: 11
Major Cities: 4
Population: 115.6 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 222 Billion (2019)
Business City: Adis Abeba
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: Gabon
Capital: Libreville
Total Area (sq km): 267,667
Provinces: 9
Major Cities: 3
Population: 2.23 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 35 Billion (2019)
Business City: Libreville
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: Gambia
Capital: Banjul
Total Area (sq km): 11,295
Regions: 8
Major Cities: 1
Population: 2.43 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 4 Billion (2019)
Business City: Banjul
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: Ghana
Capital: Accra
Total Area (sq km): 238,535
Regions: 16
Major Cities: 4
Population: 31.22 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 132 Billion (2019)
Business City: Accra
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Country: Guinea Bissau
Capital: Bissau
Total Area (sq km): 36,125
Regions: 9
Major Cities: 1
Population: 1.98 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 3 Billion (2019)
Business City: Bissau
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Guinea Bissau
Country: Guinée (Guinea)
Capital: Conakry
Total Area (sq km): 245,857
Prefectures: 33
Major Cities: 5
Population: 13.17 Million (2020)
GDP: USD 21 Billion (2019)
Business City: Conakry
Run Your Business at UmojaAA:
Guinée (Guinea)
Country: Côte d'Ivoire
Capital: Yamoussoukro
Total Area (sq km): 322,463
Regions: 31
Major Cities: 5
Population: 26.52 Million (2020)
GDP: USD ? Billion (2019)