Reshaping of African business|How bad is Covid-19 crushing the African economies?

Reshaping of African business|How bad is Covid-19 crushing the African economies?

3rd UmojaAA Discussion Paper: Doing Business in Africa, Changes, African Economies|Umoja Auctions and Ads ‘UmojaAA’

UmojaAA is the online marketplace that Africa Businesses need right now!

African business are benefiting from online marketplace. UmojaAA being an online classifieds and a tool to combating the pandemic (covid-19) in 2020. We know keep up with required social distancing and free contact interactions is only possible for the privileged ones. African businesses have not found it easy especially when technology is not as of developed nations. UmojaAA (Umoja Auctions and Ads) is here to ease the pressure.

African business in context| UmojaAA Community ?‍?‍??‍

Reshaping of African business | UmojaAA
Reshaping of African business

African business has been hit hard than anywhere else in the world. but not to worry, UmojaAA has done the hard part. What’s left is the easy part where anyone can just post an Ad by following simple steps through all the way to submitting your it.

Fruits Market

Times like this, Corona Virus (Covid-19) shows us that we should always be prepared. Most countries have a way to cope with the crisis. And those are the well-off developed or in other words, Rich economies. Online services, trade and passing on information from one to another have been a big part to facilitate the feeling for business as usual. Doing so like this helps people to keep up with social distancing, contactless translation to reduce virus transmissions. Till today, it is the only way world health organization (WHO) and numerous governments believe is the close to solution available.

Anything: New, Used, selling or wanted can be posted ?

UmojaAA knows how difficult it is, when the only way to make a living is hustle contact to contact means. We wanted to be part of the solution for African businesses, prepare the betterment for today and tomorrow for Africans. At this platform, people have ability to post anything they want to sell or looking to buy. Furthermore, the goal is give a boost to African economic development solutions.

Reshaping of African business | UmojaAA

Some these are clothing, real estate, children products and services, business and services for hire, job opportunities, foods, African beads and more that are not easily accessible during times like this. We believe all people should have same opportunities. This platform is built to make things much easier so that anyone can use it.

People are able to look at the posts of Ads by African business and browse through images, email, talk to the owner. Negotiate all that is necessary and if agreed, meet up safely to avoid fraudsters and stay covid-19 free. We at UmojaAA promises to give African businesses and consumers a place of easy interaction. We strongly encourage African community trade in harmony.

Safari & Tour Guide|African Businesses at UmojaAA ✈️

The hard part has been done, and what’s left is the easy part where anyone can just post by following simple steps through all the way to submitting your Ad. UmojaAA community works well when everyone works towards a common goal. sellers need buyers, and verse versa. For many travelers who have visited Africa, it hasn’t always been easy to access to available local hotels. Safari guides are difficult to find, but this is alternative to everything. Both African businesses and customers, will greatly benefit in a mutual way.

Reshaping of African business | UmojaAA
African businesses offer numerous products that are unique to Africa. It is a paramount that such resources are placed to platforms like UmojaAA where they can be accessed. We know tourism industry is big, it is important that any African business offering services: Hotels, accommodations, guide, vehicles, historic knowledge been seen by millions who visit Africa each year.

UmojaAA Categories | African Businesses on the rise ?

UmojaAA gives an opportunity to many African businesses in all sectors. when listing your post, there are many templates are automatically generated based on categories, locations, and other continuous variants that are associated with your business. In this manner, we ensure that anyone can use out large online marketplace without any technical skills.

some categories are: Antiques and African Arts, Children products, sport tools and services, musical and games, motor vehicles, fashions, commercial supplies, community, electronics and computers, Jobs, homes and gardens, livestock and land, plus many more. African businesses will benefit from fast processing software we have integrated in UmojaAA digital platform. It all comes 100% free, all any user needs is a will to profit from it. UmojaAA empowers African businesses.

How does UmojaAA work to achieve the ultimate Goals?

African Business | UmojaAA community
largest Online African Marketplace

With a Help of Technology: UmojaAA becomes a community where everyone plays a role. Our network connection goes beyond the surface and this is is how everyone play part. At a lagest African online marketplace: sellers offer what they have to UmojaAA community. Buyers post what they want to buy and mark it ‘wanted’.

In our midst, some are only visitors who are also very welcome to have an account and say ‘hi’ UmojaAA work along side with the regulations to regulate the activities in this interconnected community.

Just like in a normal society, we all should obey, be guided and be protected by the Law. It is therefore that even here we all: UmojaAA representatives, buyers sellers in visitors we interact as Laws obliges. It is also for this reason that on our shared platform, If you see inappropriate behavior , you are urged to report it by contacting UmojaAA. or simply click on report ad icon that is attached to every post.

Also as a community, each member is also encouraged to comment his/her best experience on in this community. sellers and buyers are will thank you for spreding the word around Africa. Share, and give ratings which help UmojaAA reward each member of the community accordingly.

The Motto: The Community where we grow together. Towards one another Respect, Integrity, Help, caring, support and Protect is all we are about as a community.

Thanks and if you haven’t set up a user account yet, do so become a member of this UmojaAA vibrant community and start trading Here.

What’s the UmojaAA Community Feedback?

The UmojaAA Community Feedback are ratings left by users who have interacted with each other on the platform. UmojaAA users can decide to leave positive or negative feedback regarding a particular experience.

When giving positive feedback users can also add one or more of the following comments: Quick transaction, Polite, Helpful, Quick responder, Friendly, Showed up on time, Fair negotiation, Item as described. When giving negative feedback they can add the following comments: Cancelled offer, Unhelpful, Rude, Too much haggling, Didn’t show up, Item not as described, Unresponsive.


UmojaAA is an ad classifieds website and ads aren’t reviewed before they go live on the site. UmojaAA doesn’t offer any sort of buyer protection / payment programs. Any emails you receive that talk about such systems are scams, even if they may have the UmojaAA logo. If you receive any emails promoting these services, please Report it to Us. If ever in doubt simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

This is also available in: French Swahili

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