ZMK10,000,000.00 (Negotiable)

PROPERTY FOR SALE IN IBEX HILL Neat and beautiful spacious 5 bedroomed house for sale in Ibex Hill. Located in the Heart...

  • Lusaka, Zambia
  • WarrantyN/A
March 9, 2024

$700,000.00 (Negotiable)

DOUBLE STOREY HOUSE FOR SALE IN ROMA PARK-$700,000 Grab this gorgeous gift -luxury at your fingertips 5 bedroomed double...

  • Roma park, Lusaka Zambia
  • WarrantyN/A
March 9, 2024

ZMK8,000,000.00 (Negotiable)

HOUSE FOR SALE IN KALUNDU Have you found the one yet? Executive and spacious 3 self-contained bedroomed Home awaits! -10...

  • Kalundu, Zambia
  • WarrantyNo
September 11, 2023

ZMK2,700,000.00 (Negotiable)

FLATS FOR SALE Whether It’s To Accommodate One’s Large Family Or To Turn Them Into An Investment (Rental) Property Such ...

  • Vona Valley, Lusaka Zambia
  • WarrantyNo
January 15, 2023

ZMK900,000.00 (Negotiable)

INDEPENDENCE SALE Grab This Gorgeous Gift This Independence & Stay Lease-Free Forever ORSimply Increase Your Property In...

  • Waterfalls, Lusaka-Zambia
  • WarrantyYes
October 23, 2022

$450,000.00 (Negotiable)

FOR SALE IN CHUDLEIGH-5BED FURNISHED HOUSE  An Exceptional House Waiting For An Exceptional Buyer?  5Bed House In Chudle...

  • Chudleigh, Lusaka-Zambia
  • WarrantyYes
August 6, 2022